Saturday, August 22, 2009

The Radio Dan Show

So I have this friend Dan and he does some weird radio show from his house that is online and stuff.  I'm not sure if it's actually on the radio because he lives in Florida and I don't, but I've listened to it a few times and Its not bad.  I'm not sure if he has a particular set up of how he does his shows or if he just wings it, but they're pretty funny.  He reviews movies, and talks about. . .whats on the news and stuff like that.  I've listened to it a few times and I never fell asleep.  His wife Jessica is on there too.  Well anyway, why am I telling you this.  Well my friend Dan made a link of my blog on his blog so I think its only fair that I advertise for his radio show on here to be nice.  So if you have nothing better to do and you want to listen to something funny and usually pretty interesting check out on saturday through thursday at 8 pm Eastern time. . .I think we're in eastern time lol. . .we're in the east so it makes sense.  On the website theres a chat room, which all of 5 people go in and no one talks to me when I go in there except for Dan while he is doing his show, and other links.  You can also call in and stuff.  Check it out, its pretty cool and Dan Rocks!!!!! 

In memory of Jessica Ashley Canfield ♥

November 6, 2007 my cousin Jessica died. We had grown up together. She was a major part of my earliest memories. She died in a car accident at the age of 16. Her, her friend, and her 11 year old sister were skipping school. It was raining that morning and my cousin was speeding. She over turned and then over corrected and hit a tractor trailor head on. She was driving so fast that the man driving the truck popped out a few disks in his back. My cousin died on impact of a broken neck. . .she had no scratches on her otherwise. Her friend suffered only a broken leg, and my other little cousin was nearly cut in half by the seat belt, she is now paralyzed from the waste down. That was only the second worst day of my life. The first was the funeral. There were so many people there, and when I finally got to her casket I couldn't look at her. I was shaking and crying so hard, I just couldn't. So I didn't say good bye. I kept telling myself I would go up again and say good bye, and right as I was about to they closed the casket. I watched my cousin, who was more like my sister, being closed up in a little box and lowered into the ground. That was the worst day of my life. I will never forget that when I say her mother she hugged me and told me that SHE wished that SHE could take all of MY pain away. . .to this day that still baffles me. My cousin was smart, beautiful, and talented. Everyone that knew her, loved her. Especially me. I lost my sister, my bestfriend, and my cousin. A few weeks after the accident her grandmother sent me her school picture from that year that Jessie had intended to give me, and it was in the car that she had her accident in. On the back it said that she loved me and that I would always be her sister. To me, it was like she was talking to me from the dead. Not a day goes by that I don't think about her and remember her. I've gotten through all of that, but it wasn't easy. R.I.P Jessie. I made a youtube video about her if you want to check it out.  I miss my cousin very much, we were raised together.  She really was more like my sister, when we were little we used to say that we were adopted from royalty and we were sisters.  When we were little we did the blood sister ceremony thing where u both cut yourself on ur hand and mix your blood together, we thought it was cool at the time but I look back and realize how silly we were, we had already shared blood because we are related.  Her death has brought some good however, what doesn't kill you makes you stronger and it has made me a stronger and more mature individual.  So this one is for her! I love you Jessie.

My boyfriend

Well, today which is August 22nd, my boyfriend left for college.  He spent the last 4 days at my house with out really leaving and then last night he finally went home.  He told me he would be at my house by 8 AM so that we could be at the college around 8:40 to move him in.  Well I woke up at 7 to get ready and 8 came and went like I knew it would.  So I called him and of course he was still in bed.  So I woke him up and then drove over to his house so that maybe we could leave a little faster.  Well Chris, his step mom Karen, and I didn't get to the school until about 10:00 AM anyways.  The college was nice.  I hadn't been there yet.  He's a freshman at SUNYIT in Utica, he wants to be a Computer Engineer.  Well we moved him in and I made his bed and helped Karen organize his room.  He is living in a suit with 1 real roommate and 3 other suit mates.  5 guys. . .on apartment type thing. . .lol.  Well I had to leave him around 12 because I had to go to work, but he is all set up and happy.  I plan to visit him tomorrow.  Chris and I met December 6, 2008. . .the first time I spoke to him I yelled at him.  I was nervous, and so was he and he didn't meet me where I told him to meet me and I didn't know what to say or do so I yelled at him some what jokingly and then began dragging him along.  We had started talking on myspace because I thought he was very attractive.  I had seen his profile many times, but I didn't message him for a long while, then I decided what the heck.  So I sent him a message but once again I didn't know what to say so I used the line "You look familiar" and it worked.  We started talking and hit it off.  The first time I talked to him on the phone I thought he was a little annoying and I wasn't sure I would like him.  About a week later I had my friends party to go to and I asked him if he would go with me as a date, and he used a few different excuses which I still don't believe but 5 minutes before the party started he agreed to go.  We met in person at the party and I thought he was gorgous.  I was and still am his first girlfriend.  At the time he had never kissed anyone and I didn't just want to kiss him so at the party I organized a silly little game of spin the bottle :D and that plan worked as well and I got to kiss him, the rest of the night we were attached at the mouth.  The rest was history.  We've now been together for over 8 months and we've seen each other just about every day since the first day.  We broke up for 3 days this month and we still saw each other every day.  I love him very much and I look forward to what ever future we have together. 
Well that concludes my second blog.  Hope you liked it.

The Beginning :D

Well, this is the beginning (hence the title) of my new blog.  I've blogged before on my myspace and on a few other sites I've been on, but nothing really official, just me ranting or reviewing movies and such.  So I guess I will start by formally introducing myself, my name is Jocie (jaw-see) and I'm a 17 year old female living in upstate New York.  I was born January 22, 1992 to a some what single mother (my father was in and out of the picture for the first few years of my life).  I am an on stage actress, a musician, and a cashier at a hardware store.  I've also worked as a waitress, a maid, and a babysitter.  Currently I am a senior in Highschool, taking college courses, and working.  I spend all of my free time with friends and my amazing boyfriend :D.  So thats my short intro, you can always feel free to ask more if you want to know more, but I'm sure I will unveil other secrets in my later blogs.  So what made me want to start a more "formal" blog?? Well the other night my boyfriend (Chris) and I went to the movies (we drove to a town that takes me over 40 minutes to get to in 20) and saw Julie & Julia (The movie about Julia Childs) And Julie made a blog about cooking all of Julia Childs recipes in her book.  After watching the movie I had a strong urge to blog. . .no not to cook of course, but to blog.  The movie by the way was very good.  When we walked into the theatre my boyfriend looked around and saw a theatre full of elderly women and immediately asked me "uh. . .baby? What kind of movie did we come to see?" Of course Julia Childs was famous in like the 40's so. . .and I honestly think that elderly women enjoy going to the movies, its a nice night out for them.  I believe that those women made the movie more entertaining for me.  Like when Meryl Streep (who played Julia Childs) held up a noodle and said that it was "As hot as a stiff cock," all the elderly women in the room gasped and started cracking up.  They truly made the movie more enjoyable, so if you're planning to see the movie and you're not over the age of 60, bring your mother or grandmother :D  Well I'll say thats it for blog one, I hope you enjoyed it and there are more to come.