Thursday, October 14, 2010

College :O

Okay, well anyone that has ready my blog at all since like August knows that I'm not a big fan of college. . .so I fixed that problem.  In one of my last posts about college I mentioned that I was thinking about switching my major to nursing.  That may have originally been a decision made for the wrong reasons, but the idea really grew on me and the more I look into it the more excited I am about it.  So that plan is pretty much set in stone.  I'm going to transfer to FMCC in the spring :D  The part I didn't tell you was that I decided to withdrawal from SUNY Oneonta.  I took a personal leave for the remainder of the semester so it won't count against me and then I'll continue at FM in January.  I was truely and sincerely miserable at Oneonta and it was getting to the point where I could no longer handle it. . .I hate feeling like that because I'm not a quitter.  I've been through so much in my lifetime.  Everything I've been through has been 100x worse than living at college. . .but this felt like the breaking point for some reason.  So I made this one decision all by myself. . .because it really concerns no one except for me. . .and my parents sort of because I'd be moving back home :P but mom said the door was always open.  So I officially moved out yesterday.   The plan is for me to get a couple jobs and work until I start school again.  Then I'll probably have at least one job while going to school for nursing at FM and save up to buy another car and eventually an apartment.  So I am officially a bum until further notice :P not something I'm exactly proud of, but I have to do what feels right for me.  Wish me luck.

Dedicated to the GREATEST GUY IN THE WORLD!!!

You told me to stop being insecure. . .what you don't realize is that I did.  You don't like the more confident me.  You don't like the me that doesn't need your approval to be happy.  You told me to stop being insecure. . .I slept on that.  Confidence comes from being happy with one's self and feeling comfortable within one's skin.  I'm much more happy with myself when I'm not doing things that make me uncomfortable to make you happy.  I didn't grow confidence over night. . .it doesn't happen that way, but I took the first step.  The second step was getting rid of the people that bring me down.  I did that too when I said I was over with this.  You didn't like that either.  I took your advice. . .that didn't make you happy either. . .Sorry, I tried, but I'm done now.  Then, you decided to try to put me down by insulting me with something I came crying to you about before.  Goodjob, did that make you feel better?  I hope so.  Later.