Thursday, January 27, 2011

College: FMCC Edition Part V

Today was not such a good day.  First, I had to look into sending my AP scores to college, specifically my english because there was a possibility I was in the wrong one.  My mom and I rushed to get those sent today and come to find out I was in the wrong english. . .thats usually not a big deal, but the professor for the english I was already in was my favorite and I absolutely loved him.  I looked to see if there were any English II classes that were open that he taught, but they were all full with a waiting list :(  So I had to switch to a class with a female professor from Sweden or Switzerland or something. . .I have like 6 assignments already due next week :(  Then I go and try to order my books, which I still haven't done, and I found out that my loans still hadn't gone through so I still can't order them when I have homework (specifically english) and I can't do it because I don't have the books.  So I go to financial aid and it gets worse. . .instead of getting the almost 900 dollars I thought I was getting from TAP, I'm actually only getting 200 so I'm going to have to use a pretty big chunk of my loan for tuition as well as books. . .which is going to hinder my chances of buying a car. . .needless to say today really sucked. 

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

College: FMCC Edition Part IV

Overall I have to say that I am very pleased with my decision to transfer to far anyways.  One thing I've noticed that is different is the professors.  At FM none of my professors are doctors, and none of them seem very arrogant and talk to their students like they are better than them.  In all of my classes the professors told their stories of how they made it to where they are today to show that they can relate to many of us.  They all seem so much more down to earth and like normal people, that wasn't the case at Oneonta at all in my opinion.  At Oneonta almost all of my professors were doctors and almost all of them were very arrogant and cocky.  I also enjoy walking through the hallway and seeing people I went to high school with, its comforting to me.  Not only that, but one of my professors knows my family and used to work with my father.  So I'm definately getting more of a "homey" and comfortable feel at FMCC.  I am very happy to be back in school as well.  I'm in such a better mood and feeling so much better about myself now that I'm getting up every day, getting dressed and doing something.  I really haven't had to do that since early October.  I get a sense of pride from going to school full time and working part time and I just feel so much better in general.  I like all of my classes as well as my professors so far. . .So as I said, I'm pretty happy with my decision and I hope everything continues to go well :)

College: FMCC Edition Part III

Today I had my other 3 classes.  First I had Bar and Beverage Management.  The professor for this class is the only female professor that I have, but I really like her.  She is very bubbly and she seems very happy in her profession.  I'm excited for the class not only because its essentially bartending class, but because she seems like a very fun professor as well.  The next class I had was General Psychology and oh my goodness let me tell you about this professor.  First of all he was about 5 minutes late for the class.  He walks in and he is this short, slightly balding, hardcore hippie wearing a leather Harley Davidson like jacket, a beard, black jeans and circle shaped glasses.  He throws down his jacket and underneath he is wearing a black button up with the top few buttons undone exposing his chest hair.  Without saying much of anything he starts playing this youtube video:

His name is Marty Friedman. . .I don't know about you but when an older gentleman's name is Marty I immediately assume he is a hippie.  He seems pretty cool, but his voice is very monotone and I can see myself falling asleep in his class.  Then for my final class of the day, I had Anatomy and Physiology.  Its a 3 hour night class, luckily I have a very attractive professor who, as soon as I walked in the room said to me, "so what's your name pretty lady."  He looks and reminds me very much of Mr. Schoff <3 He is very interesting and kept my attention for the full 3 hour class.  Best part: The seats recline!! lol  Well, its been another good day at college :)

Say What You Mean, and Mean What You Say

If you say you're going to do something,
Do it.
If you say you're going to be there,
Be there.
If you say you love me,
Show it.
Otherwise. . .
Just say goodbye.
Don't waste my time.

College: FMCC Edition Part II

So my second class that I took yesterday; English, was absolutely amazing.  When the professor was doing attendance he asked me if I was related to all of the Oesers in sprakers and Canajoharie, I said that I was and I asked him if he knew my dad.  Apparently he had worked with my dad an my uncle and he pretty much knew my whole family.  I absolutely love this professor, not because he knows my family but because you can really tell he loves what he is doing.  He is such a real person, and not the typical, arrogant professor.  He was very funny, easy going, and down to earth.  After class I went to one of the little loungy things to wait for my mom to pick me up, he came by and talked to me some more and I found out that I knew his son and he told me a few more stories about my grandfather and my dad, apparently my grandfather was his bus driver :P So I have to say all in all, yesterday was a very good day.  :)

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

College: FMCC Edition

So I had my first class today: Intro to Sociology.  I have been very excited about starting school again and so far its been a good day.  I am currently sitting in the Library blogging :P  Well I have to say that FMCC is very different than Oneonta and Canajoharie as well.  My first class went well, but when I looked around at some of the people it was exactly what I expected to see at FM.  Maybe I'm wrong, but the majority of the students all resembled the students I went to high school with that skipped school every other day, had children in high school, and never did their homework.  I can't shake the feeling that FMCC is the college people go to because they're supposed to, not because they actually want to.  I'm trying to stay optimistic, and as I've said everything is going well so far, but I don't know.  It was also interesting because my friend Ashley's mom was also in my Sociology class and we sat next to each other.  I like her mom, but it was a very different experience going to school with my friend's mom haha.  So now I'm sitting in the Library and looking around. . .the Library is stuffed full of Asians.  I have never seen so many in my life.  I do enjoy the diversity because its something I never had in high school, but I find it interesting that they all gravitate to the library.  Thinking of Kelsey right now because she is the only Asian that I really know haha.  Well everything is going well, I'm going to go try to find my next class and go to lunch while I wait.  :)

Monday, January 24, 2011

My Heart Part IV

The ice gets thin between winter and spring.
I would not put my heart on a piece of thin ice.
I will keep it inside.
Where it is nice and warm.
Until I know its safe again.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

My Birthday

So today is my 19th birthday. . .wow. . .I honestly never thought I would make it to 16 much less 19.  I think I'm starting to get to the point where birthdays aren't really that big of a deal anymore, they're just another day.  Honestly its all pretty much down hill from here for me because 18 was probably the best year of my life and now the only birthday I have to look forward to is 21 and by the time i'm 21 drinking won't be fun anymore lol.  Oh well, happy birthday to me. . .another year older and another year closer to needing a face lift haha :)

Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Story

Alright so the majority of you already know that I've been dating this guy named Jason for nearly two weeks now. . .this is our story:
I went to a party with my brother Larry at my friend Jamie's house, it was her last night there and she had a bunch of people over, most of which I didn't know (but I know them all now haha) This is where I first met Jason.  I thought he was Jamie's boyfriend because I heard her mention a guy named Jay a few times and I just assumed so I didn't really pay any attention to him.  A few days later he added me on facebook and I saw that he actually wasn't Jamie's boyfriend, but I didn't really know him so I didn't talk to him and I still didn't pay him much attention.  Then he started talking to me and he convinced me to go to another party in Fort Plain.  I could tell he was flirting with me a little. . .but still didn't pay him much attention.  At the party he pulled this stupid move where he purposely walked right past me to talk to Larry so that he made sure that I noticed him, then he talked to me.  I noticed him alright, and his stupid little move.  I called him out on it a few days later and he admitted to it.  I don't remember how, but some where during all of this he got me to give him my number so we started texting and talking a bit more.  I wasn't really interested because I didn't really know him and what not.  Then one night, I went on a date with a different guy and Jason asked me how it went.  I told him it went poorly and that the guy didn't have any class or manners, thats when he decided to ask me to dinner so that he could show me how I should be treated.  I was flattered, but I wasn't interested so I used the excuse that I didn't really know him, his response was that we could change that and get to know each other better and I agreed.  Well obviously I got to know him better and in that time I started to like him and then fell flat on my face.  I think its funny because although I was sort of looking for someone, I wasn't looking for him, nor was I interested in him when he first expressed interest in me. . .but I am so happy that we met and that he added me on facebook and started talking to me.  I am a very happy and lucky girl to have Jason.  Thats our little love story <3

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Take My Hand

Take my hand my love
I want to take this walk with you
I want to take each step with you
If you fall, I will be there to help you back up
If we fall together, lets lay in the grass and laugh about it
If I fall, will you kiss my scrapes?
Take my hand my love
Look at the scenery
Look at the sky
Watch the day change from morning to night
Watch the seasons change from winter to fall
Take my hand my love
I want to take this walk with you

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Happy Birthday Jessie

So today would have been Jessie's 20th birthday.  For those of you that haven't been reading my blog for very long, Jessie is my cousin and she passed away November 6, 2007 in a car accident.  We were very close and her death has had a HUGE impact on my life. . .I go to the cemetary twice a year: November 6th and January 4th.  This year. . .I almost forgot her birthday.  I remember thinking about it towards the end of december, but somehow it slipped my mind until last night.  I started bawling when I remembered because I hated myself for nearly forgetting.  I am petrified of forgetting her. . .I guess I still haven't let go and I'm not sure I ever will or if I even can.  Not a day goes by that I don't think about her and remember her. . .not a day goes by that it still doesn't hurt.  There are still days that I cry when I think of her and when it hurts so bad I have to drag myself out of bed in the morning.  I'm not sure its ever going to be REALLY okay. . .but I'm not even sure I would ever want it to be.  I don't want to forget her.  I don't want to lose her in a sense. . .I feel like if it started to really be okay, that would mean I was forgetting her and she was drifting into the back of my memory. . .I don't want that.  I want to remember her.  I still remember the sound of her voice and her smile and her laugh. . .oh Jessie, I miss you like hell and love you so much.  I wish you were still here with me.  Rest in Peace hun. 

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Goal Reached!!

So my 5000-hits-by-Midnight goal was reached!!. . .as far as I know :P At midnight last night I wasn't exactly at my computer to check. . .no I was brining in the New Year the right way :) but when I checked this morning, I had well over 5000 hits so I will assume that I reached it haha!!  HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE AND THANKS TO EVERYONE THAT HELPED ME GET 5000 HITS, I REALLY APPRECIATE IT.

Happy New Year!!!

Lets make it a good one!!