Wednesday, April 27, 2011


I just wanted to let all my readers know that my bestfriend Gabby and I are now selling AVON :)  I am contemplating setting up an online store dealy so people can just buy and shop online from me. . .but I'm not sure, if anyone thinks that would be a good thing that they would frequently use, please let me know :)  So if you like AVON please get ahold of me, you can comment on my blog, email me, or hit me up on facebook (or text me if you know my number of course).  Hope to hear from you :)

Nursing Program

So. . .I am NOW accepted to the nursing program.  I was first rejected. . .which was heart breaking.  I had a nervous break down because it was such a let down and I hadn't a clue what I was going to do with my life (I believe there are previous posts about this).  A few weeks later  I received a letter saying I was being put on an "alternate list" and that anyone that had been accepted decided not to attend I would be accepted.  I didn't really expect to be accepted however because I figured lord only knows how many people are on this list and what not.  Well last friday I got my acceptance letter in the mail. . .At first I wasn't sure what I was going to do.  I was so let down when I was rejected I was, and still am, having a hard time getting excited about this.  But I thought about it and if nothing else its the most practical decision. . .so I accepted my acceptance :P  I'm not really excited, and no. . .I'm not really looking forward to it anymore.  I'm not totally sure why, I guess its because I was so let down.  I don't know.  But yes, I am going to FMCC for nursing starting this fall.  Wish me luck.