Sunday, August 28, 2011

New Apartment Part II

Mood: Irritable

Well CJ and I finally got home phone, internet, and cable at the apartment.  It took us forever because verizon is on strike, and at&t doesn't know which way is up, so we finally got time warner cable :P I do love our apartment thus far, though there are constant sirens and our landlady scares the piss out of me lol.  We now have all of our furniture, appliances, dishes, pots and pans, etc.  It was great because we got it all for free and saved thousands of dollars. . .but it is also very sad because a lot of the stuff came from my grandmother who just passed away :( RIP Grandma Martha :'(  She has been suffering for a long time with COPD and I'm glad that she is no longer suffering but at the same time I am still very distraught because she and I were very close and she helped raise me.  I will miss her very much, but as I said before I am very glad that she is no longer suffering and I am positive if there is a heaven she is there :) she was a very christian woman.  But we are all settled in and things are going well, pictures coming soon (lots because I still haven't posted the pictures of New Orleans or Boston yet :P)