Saturday, April 10, 2010

Pictures of Me

As I have said before, when I get bored ^ this is what I do lol.  I am extremely vain at times and I love taking my picture :) so here, this is what I did I think it was last week, perhaps the week before when I was getting ready for a date. 

College III

Well I went to go visit Oneonta the other day and I like it.  It was a nice school and my mom and I can both see me going there.  Best part of all. . .theres a strip club in town that my mother told me I could work that.  Thanks mom for being so supportive :) lol no but really, the school was nice.  The only thing I don't like is that I can't have my car there until I'm a junior. . .wtf am I supposed to do with my car in the mean time??  I also wish that they had a football team. . .I like watching the games.  Other than that I'm excited.  They have sororities and bars all over the place.  The campus was nice, it has trees, grass, flowers, and a pond unlike some of the other SUNY schools (albany) lol  Its pretty much set in stone thats where I'm going, but I'll keep you updated. :)

Alice In Wonderland

I have mixed feelings about this movie.  It had potential to be great, and I loved the characters, but in my opinion it was underdeveloped.  I think the movie was too short and a lot more could have happened to make it more interesting.  It was okay, I was expecting so much more and I am such a big fan of Tim Burton and honestly. . .I wasn't all that impressed.  The graphics were great in 3D (haha :)) and the characters were amazing. . .but the movie itself. . .meh.

The Pillars of the Earth

This was an amazing book and I highly suggest it for anyone.  I am currently reading the sequal.  There is soo much to this book that, I think, anyone could get into it.  There is romance, war, tradgedy, religion, everything.  It was great.  Its a long read, just short of 1000 pages, but I loved every page.