Tuesday, May 4, 2010

I want to tell you. . .

Have you ever had so much that you wanted to say, but had too much pride or were too embarrassed to say it?  There is soo much I want to say.  I'm screaming it in my mind. . .but if you look at me, all you will see is a placid smile.  There is so much I want to tell people. . .but I don't. . .I can't?  I'm afraid of your response.  I'm afraid of how you will judge me.  I'm afraid of what you will think and not say.  So the words are lost. . .and never spoken.  They disappear into emptiness because the words never existed. . .the thoughts might remain but even those will disappear.  Nothingness.

Graduation Party

So my Grad party is July 17th :) I am deff excited.  I'm not really doing any of the planning, my mom is kinda in control and I'm just showing up.  Legend has it that there will be a DJ there, lots a food, a cash bar, STUMP, and mee :) I made a list of my friends and my mom made a list of family.  I'm pretty sure I got everybody but if you would like to make sure you are on that list please hit me up.  I'm pretty good at remembering people and what not but sometimes my mind fails me sooo I can use all the help I can get.  Its going to be Saturday July 17th from 1pm-6pm :) be there or be square.


I'm flattered :) I started my blog after seeing the movie Julie and Julia, it was a movie about Julia Childs and how this woman Julie wrote a blog about how she cooked all of the recipies in Julia Childs cook book.  Since then I've posted in my blog several times a week.  It will be one year this August and I'm psyched!  I honestly wasn't sure I was going to keep going even this long because I have a short attention span, but I have grown to be so passionate about my blog and it actually means a lot to me.  Well this guy I know. . .(I might as well say his name) Jason, started a blog because he thought it was a cool idea after seeing mine.  His first blog he wrote a bit about me and I was sincerely flattered.  I hope he doesn't mind but I am going to put a link to his blog at the bottom of this one so you can all read it.  Hope you don't mind Jason :)  It made me feel really good that I could do that and inspire him to start a blog.  I hope he becomes as passionate about his blog as I am about mine.  Best of luck Jason.