Saturday, April 3, 2010

Being Single

I think I remember why I hate being single, and I prefer being in a relationship. . .he keeps me safe.  He, whom ever he is, keeps me safe, in line, and keeps dangers away from me.  He protects me when I can't defend myself.  He makes the nightmares, and the monsters go away.  He kisses the tears away and holds me in his arms while whispering "it will all be okay."  I'm not always smart about things, and I don't always think. . .he does that for me.  Maybe staying single isn't in my best interest?  Maybe its better for me to be with someone. . .  Not only to keep me safe, but to share things with.  To be, or not to be. . .single.

Wall of Lies

A lie is like a wall.
You are the coward hiding behind it.
You realize the wall won't stand, don't you?
Its not well constructed.
Its fake.
I am the wolf that will blow it down.
You are the pig cowaring inside.
No, in this story the wolf isn't big and bad, and the pigs aren't that intelligent.
Hide behind your damn wall you pig.
You are the scum of the earth, and the best part is. . .you know it.
I'll let you hide like the coward you are because eventually your wall of lies will come crashing down and you will be squashed beneath them.
Sleep well.

You Know What You Did

You know what you did, it doesn't matter how much you lie.
You have to live with yourself.
Can you sleep at night, knowing what you did?
Do you realize what you did?
Did you plan it, or was it a last minute decision?
I wasn't as far away as you think, I was there. 
I remember.
I still see it when I close my eyes.
How could you do that to me? 
Hou could anyone do that to another person?
I feel empty, but flooded with emotion at the same time.
My mind goes back and forth.
I remember, but I don't want to.
I don't want to see it.
Hugs and kisses don't make it better.
They don't take the pain away.
What do I do? 
Do I scream and let everyone hear me?
Do I hide, and pretend to forget?
I don't know. 
I'm lost.