Monday, August 16, 2010

Addison Nicole Green

This is Addison.  She is my second cousin and she is 4.  I don't know what happened. . .but she and I connected really well.  I fell in love with this little girl and she spent quite a bit of time with me.  I wanted to steal her away. 
We did all sorts of things together.  Painting her nails was one of them. . .getting a 4 year old to sit still long enough for her nails to dry is IMPOSSIBLE! lol I also taught her how to play Go Fish, and Old maid.  She was really good at all of the games, she's really smart. . .so good that she was already cheating!!! lol
So she is a lot like me in that she loves having her picture taken.
She's a diva, and she knows it!! She will tell you too lol
No, she doesn't take after me at all :P I love this little girl with all my heart and I really can't wait to see her again. 

Trip to Georgia/Alabama/Florida

Well I was in Georgia, Alabama, and Florida for the last two and a half weeks and I am finally back!!  It was nothing short of interesting and I took quite a few pix for you. . .though not as many as I would have liked.  So here it goes, enjoy:

These were taken at my grandmothers house in Cataula, Georgia. 
this is the front room. . .I think I'm the only person that actually sat on that couch like. . .ever. 
another couch you just don't sit on. . .
this is all in the front room right as you walk in the house.
this is her house.  in the south, most houses are brick and one story. 
I can't say my grandmother likes plants because like isn't a strong enough word. . .obsessed maybe?  this is only a portion of one of her 100's of gardens all over her yard. 
This is their RV.  My papa is planning on retiring in february and when he does they hope to do a lot of traveling all over the US. 
This is some tree. . .idk how to spell the name but it sounds like crepe myrtle. . .idk lol
I pointed out this plant to my grandmother because I liked it and she told me that its illegal to have in Florida. . .I think it might be some form of salvia or something, I guess you can get high off of it lol :P
This is my grandmother's hide away. . .this is a new edition since the last time I was there.  We sat out there every morning and drank coffee.
When I was little my grandmother wanted me to learn how to drive so she had me drive this 4-wheeler truck like thing (I guess its called a mule) and zigzag through these trees. . .it was boring lol.
These are my papa's work boots.  My grandmother said that she liked this picture best because it symbolizes all the work he's done to earn his living. 

We all know how vain I am so here are a bunch of pictures I took of myself tee hee

We went to Panama City Beach, Florida.  When we first got there it was storming pretty bad.  The trip was fun, but it was also disappointing because you couldn't really go in the beach.  There was really thick gross seaweed close to the shore and all over the beach.  I finally found a clearish spot and got in the ocean only to find a jelly fish. . .thats when I decided I'd stick to the pool.  I also saw a dolphin out there which was pretty cool, but I was only actually in the ocean for like 10 minutes. . .the pool was fun though. 
I thought the sky looked epic in this picture!!!!!
This was an upside down house. . .tourist attraction thing.  we went shopping here. 
There was a rainbow, its hard to see in this pic but its up there, see it?

I have a lot of family down there, I didn't get pictures of everyone, but here are some of them.
My cousins, Keaton and Payton.
Thats my grandmother, keaton, payton, and my aunt. 
Thats my papa wearing my grandmother's glasses to read the paper.  tee hee
Keaton <3
Payton and I had the same kind of icecream, I think it was called superman or something.
My grandma Judy and Papa.
This was a japanese restaurant we ate at, I liked the decor. 
Thats Dana and Addison, hey're also my cousins.   Addison and I connected and I love that little girl more than anything on the planet, I don't have a lot of pix of her on here because she is getting a post of her own coming up :)
Dana's birthday was the 14th so he was shopping for presents.  He LOVES the movie Cars and Lightning Mcqueen.  It was cute.  He's 3.
This is my other little cousin Gavin, he's 18 months.  He loves me too, he was showing off the last time I was there by spinning in circles. . .he fell over a lot lol.