Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Mood: Distracted
Weather:  Sunny, warm, breezy :)))

According to Social Scientists, our brains aren't fully developed until, on average, the age of 25.  The part that is continuing to develop is the frontal lobe which helps us to foresee the future outcomes of our decisions, as well as emotions and such.  Well I'm 19 so apparently my frontal lobe isn't completely developed and therefore I am incapable of adequately determining the outcomes of the decisions I make. . .but I try to make up for it.  I try to plan, and set goals for myself and plan my life accordingly around these goals.  I try to weigh the pros and cons of each option before making a decision.  I make decisions that will not only positively affect myself, but those around me as well.  I attempt to look into my future and see how the decisons I make now will impact my life either a week from now, or 20 years from now.  However, sometimes I wonder if I make decisions for the wrong reasons.  If I make a decison for the right reason, but with bad intentions. . .is that a good or bad decision?  Or if I made a decision for the wrong reasons, but with good intentions. . .what kind of decision is that?  How can you really know how each decision in life is going to pan out?  And how do you go about making such decision?  Do you make choices based on fears?  Goals?  The people around you?  I try to make good decisons for myself, even though I don't always succeed.  Sometimes I make decisions because I think they will make other people happy, conversely I sometimes make decisions because it will made me happy.  I have goals and plans for my life, I know where I WANT to be in 10 years and I try to make decisions that will help me be the person and have the lifestyle that I want to have then even though they don't always go along with what other people think is right and want for me.  So are those decisions good or bad?  I have to say, I've never really been good at making decisions for myself because it is soooooo hard to make everyone and myself happy at the same time, and yes I AM A PEOPLE PLEASER!  But I think I'm finally getting over that and starting to be able to make decisions for myself because its my life.  I make decisions that are going to help ME reach MY goals.  I make decisions that will help me later in life with a family, a house, children etc.  But even still, I sometimes wonder if I'm making good decisions, and if they are for the right reasons, and with good intentions.  I'm not sure we can always do that, and I guess it comes down to weighing the pros and cons not only for your benefit, but for those around you (alive or unborn).  I know this post is kind of vague, its sort of me just reasonsing "out loud :P"  Just food for thought :)