Monday, September 14, 2009

R.I.P Patrick Swayze

Well I just heard the devistating news that Patrick Swayze died.  For those of you who know me, the movie Too Wong Foo Thanks for Everything Julie Newmar was the MAP Party BIBLE!!   I also loved him in Ghost and Dirty Dancing.  He was beyond sexy and truly a mans man.  He died at the age of 57 of pancreatic cancer.  He was an amazing actor, singer, and a songwriter and will be missed especially by all these ladies that loved him.  This is a tribute to him. 

This is honestly the best I could get for Dirty Dancing

RIP Patrick Swayze :(

The Adoption

Well the adoption is finally coming to a close.  All we have left is the court date on Sept 28th.  This is the day that I get my last name changed and accept Gary as my father.  I am really excited but at the same time I feel a little weird.  I keep thinking about calling him "Dad." I mean, I call him dad to everyone else, like I say "my dad" or something to that extent, but when I talk to him I don't call him dad.  I know that he really is my father because he has raised me since I was 5 years old and he has been there when my real father wasn't.  I know this really shouldn't be a big deal, but it does make me feel weird.  I still don't know how I'm going to go about doing it either. . .idk. . .thinking about it makes me nervous.  Anyways I'm getting my last name changed to Oeser, which means I need a new license, SS card, birth certificate, EVERYTHING.  I think when I get my new license I am going to get the "enhanced" license lol.  Then we are going to have a BIG party with beer pong and stump lol!! I like parties, especially big ones, they're fun.  I'm very happy about becoming an Oeser because honestly, thats the family I feel the closest to.  I see at least one of them EVERYDAY!! and I like it.  I am happy with my decision.  I will update more probably on Sept 29th lol.   

The Visit II

Last week I went to visit the love of my life at college again.  He helped me with my homework. . .(Tom helped me as well), we laid in bed and cuddled, called "hat" (for two very short period lmao ♥♥), took 2 walks, played silly video games with his roommates, and talked.  I have to say I don't hate Paul anymore, I don't "love" Paul either for that matter.  I think his personality is different than what I am used to and he doesn't really intend for MOST of what he says to be taken literally.  He actually helped out a lot with the break up and what not, he may be an asshole, but he's not all bad.  Darling is still my favorite.  He is quiet and nice and he doesn't believe he has an accent but I SWEAR HE DOES!!! lol  Tom is also kind of quiet, maybe he isn't searching to just fit in and follow the crowd.  My honest opinion is that he hates to argue in get in the middle of drama and thats why he sometimes just goes alone with what other people say.  That or he just doesn't really care, but I still like him too especially because he helped me with my homework, but I find it funny that he doesn't have his license.  Silly Tom.  I did finally meet James in this visit and I spoke to him briefly.  He doesn't really say much, but he loves video games just like every other nerd in that freaking dorm.  He seemed pretty nice and level headed to me and he actually does his laundry unlike my lovely boyfriend.  Well anyways, as I was leaving I asked chris if he would mind helping me find my way to the thru way because I had never made it out of there myself.  So he said yes with a huff.  We got into an arguement because he made me feel guilty about asking him for help.  For those of you who don't know, I hate driving.  I am petrified of driving especially places that I don't know all that well.  So I actually started to cry because he was being a jerk and giving me attitude and I was sincerely scared about getting lost in Utica.  Then he got even more upset when I started to cry.  So I told him if he was going to be an ass I would find my own way home, but he insisted.  So he went off to his car to help me get home.  I ended up finding a sign that said 90, which is how I had to get home and I took a different route.  I didn't realize that wasn't the way I was supposed to go because chris said he would take me to the first sign and that WAS the first sign.  So he got mad at me about that and then called me back a few minutes later freaking out because during our argument he left his wallet on top of my car.  It wasn't on top of my car when I got home and he searched EVERYWHERE for it, but didn't find it.  I felt guilty, but he didn't blame me.  I took him out for pizza the next day anyways because he had gotten really stressed out and upset about it.  So I tried to make it better.  He was okay for the rest of the weekend.