Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Stressful Day

Mood: Content
Weather: Won't freakin' warm up yet
So today started out as a pleasant, normal day.  I went to college this afternoon, got an 85 of my bar and beverage management test, was the only person to participate in my psychology class, flirted with a certain someone ;) and went home to study until my Anatomy and Physiology test that I had tonight.  Well I was home for about an hour before my parents got home and brought the mail, I had two letters from FMCC.  The first one I opened informed me that I had gotten all the english credits done in high school and I was no longer required to take english, so I had to go see an advisor to, once again, drop the english class I was in.  I was quite happy about that because I don't especially like my english class and its really my only source of homework.  The only thing that upset me was that I had just finished writing my paper that was due thrusday for that class. . .what a waste lol.  Then I opened the other letter.  It was informing me that I was failing a class because of attendance, mind you I haven't missed a day of school yet this semester so I was very confused and concerned.  Well it turns out I've been attending the wrong class so far this semester.  Somehow on the first day when I had to check this bulletin board if any of my classrooms had changed I somehow got the class room wrong but ended up in the same class, at the same time, just with a different professor.  So I immediately drove to the college to try to get everything straightened out.  I was able to drop my english class no problem and they told me I should be able to just switch into the class I've been attending without a problem but the advisor had to get in contact with my professor and the dean so I'll find out more about that tomorrow.  So that relieved a lot of my stress but by the time that was all done I didn't really have any time to study for my test.  It was 90 questions of hell, half were easy and I know I got them right where the other half were quite hard and I'm unsure, I should also get my grade for that tomorrow as well as my sociology test I took last week.  What a day, at least its over and I can go back to flirting with that certain someone.  Peace and Love all.