Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Horrible Freaking Day

Today has just been awful.  To start, I had a confrontation with some friends because they feel the need to give their input about my life and decisions when they don't even know the situation.  Then I come home and my mom tells me we have to get rid of our cats because she has had Pneumonia for like 2 months and can't get rid of it because of the cats.  So I'm mad, and sad, and heartbroken. . .so I go over to Ryan's house and he always makes me feel 100x better, and he did, but then my boss calls me and says she's too busy to take all of this on by herself and needs me to come over.  So I had to leave Ryan, which made me sad and go to work.  It takes me about 25 minutes to get from Little Falls to where I work, so by the time I get there she really isn't busy anymore.  One table is leaving and the other two are getting their food. . .so I left for pretty much nothing.  My boss felt bad though that I left for nothing and gave me $10.  She does take care of me and she has good intentions but ughhh.  She apologized but then said "you should really try to stay near by around dinner time"  ughh.  So she doesn't want me to go anywhere EVER just in case she needs me to come in.  Sorry, I have a life.  Not a huge one, but a life none the less.  It bothered me that she said that.  I love Sace with all my heart and I love my job, but UGHHH.  Then I go home.  Yes home and my mother tells me to sit down.  Immediately I think "great, more bad news" and I was right.  I had a CAT scan taken of my sinuses the other day because I've been having such bad headaches I can't function.  Evidently my sinuses are soooo clogged that I have to see a specialist.  They have to stick a needle up my nose and numb my sinuses so they can drain them.  Okay, first of all, I HATE doctors.  I don't mind needles and what not, but NOT UP MY NOSE!!  I got tested for swine flu with that nose swab dealy and that hurt and freaked me out enough.  I really hope they can put me to sleep or something because I WILL have a panic attack and I'm just going to freak out.  Ryan said he would go with me if he wasn't at school when I had to have all of this done.  Ughh.  It has just been a shitty day and because I'm under soo much stress a nightmare is almost guaranteed.  Hopefully tomorrow is better.  *SIGH*

Untitled :)

If you don't know anything about something, or someone. . .don't judge.  Don't make comments.  Don't give your input because you haven't the slightest clue about what is going on or anything about it.  I know what is going on.  I know what it is.  I know the difference between right is wrong.  I know myself.  I never EVER want to feel like I have to regret something that makes me happy and I feel good about.  So if you're truly my friend, don't make me feel that way.  If I'm happy, we're happy, and we're not hurting anyone (not to mention it concerns no one other than us) why is it wrong??  Why does it matter?  Maybe when you grow up a little and experience a little bit more, granted i've probably experienced more than I needed to or should have, maybe then you'll understand.  Until then, just don't cast judgement. . .because you just don't know.