Thursday, July 8, 2010

What did I do to deserve this?

What did I do to deserve this?  I go through life trying to help people on a daily basis.  I'm always nice, polite, and respectful to the people I meet and especially the guys I date. . .why am I the one that always gets used, hurt, and treated poorly?  I don't do anything to them. . .how is that fair?  Why do people feel like they can walk all over me and anything I have to offer is theirs for the taking?  Its not just a one time occasion either. . .its every freaking time. . .and its not fair.  I don't deserve that.  I deserve better than that.  I at least deserve a little respect. . .some kindness. . .decency.  Don't I?  Or is my kindness towards others all for nothing?  Haven't I dealt with enough?  Can't it just stop for a little while?  Please? 

Squished In Bed

I am laying in bed wearing my black and white bathing suit.  I'm talking to Tyler.  He says hello.  I'm telling him wayyyy too much.  Oh yes my friends and readers, I am very squished here in my bed.  I want you to know that I am very passionate about my blog, it means a lot to me.  I'm very sincere in it.  I like it when people read it and comment and such.  I've got that airplanes song stuck in my head "can we pretend that airplanes in the night sky were like shooting stars, I could really use a wish right now" ya. . .a wish right now would be pretty good