Friday, June 8, 2012


To me, life is like a roller coaster.  Sometimes you're up, sometimes you're down, and sometimes you just want to puke.  Now that I am an adult, I've met my soulmate, moved out of my parents house, and have started making a life for myself and my future husband I feel like I have moved on to the second phase of my life.  I've had a blog for 3 years now, three long, intense years.  I did a lot of growing up in that time and though a lot of good has come of it, I would prefer to leave my past where it belongs.  It has taken me a long time to feel as though I can move on, and I have to say its a wonderful feeling.  In a lot of ways I have become an entirely different person, and I am happy with that.  My past has made me who I am, but there is a lot of pain there as well.  It's just time to let it all go and start fresh :)  That being said, I am going to END this blog and start a new one else where.  I am going to make that one a lot more private so I may not advertise it.  But there are about 3 years of posts here that can still be read :)  Enjoy the mess that was my life!  So here is to a new chapter, a new beginning, a new life!

Saturday, March 31, 2012

Paul Mitchell The School

So I applied to Paul Mitchell The School for Cosmetology and today I took a tour and had an interview with admissions.  As soon as I walked in the building I could feel the energy and the excitement.  As long as I'm accepted I will start at the end of June.  It is a 7.5 month program for $10,000.  So I'm pretty much committed to sticking this one out. . .no refunds on a loan.  :P  But I'm really excited and I think I'm going to like this one.  When I saw that most of the girls had tattoos, piercings, and crazy colored hair I knew I would fit right in.  Perhaps I'll even get another piercing, because I do miss them OH SO MUCH sometimes :)  I can't wait to start :)))

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Hunger Games

I hadn't heard about The Hunger Games prior to last Friday.  Some coworkers told me about it and so I got the book on Saturday.  I read it in 3 days, I couldn't put it down.  I can't wait to see the movie.  When I went home this weekend I was surprised to find out that my 11 year old brother is also reading the book.  I hope he finishes it soon so we can talk about it together :) Great book, highly recommend it!

Textbooks for Sale

I have a bunch of textbooks from college that I either wasn't able to return, or was no longer attending that school by that time :P Anyways here are most of the ones that I have if you're interested :)

Western Civilizations 
by Judith G. Coffin and Robert C. Stacy
16th edition, volume 1
great condition

Perspectives from the Past
Primary Sources in Western Civilizations
Fourth Edition
Volume 1
by James M. Brophy, Joshua Cole, Steven Epstein, John Robertson, Thomas Max Safley
(Comes with The Praise of Folly and Other Writings by Desiderius Erasmus 978-0-393-95749-5) 

by Daniel L. Schacter, Daniel T. Gilbert, and Daniel M. Wegner
Worth Publishers
Looks Brand New, I never opened the book :P 

Fundamentals of Nursing
7th Edition
by Patricia A. Potter & Anne Griffin Perry
great condition

Fundamentals of Nursing
Study Guide and Skills Performance Checklist
7th Edition
by Potter and Perry
great condition

Clinical Nursing Skills & Techniques
(Comes with 6 disks for your PC and DVD player. Shows basic, Intermediate, and Advanced nursing skills 978-0-323-05292-4) 
7th Edition
by Potter & Perry
great condition

If you buy all three of the above nursing books by Potter and Perry, I'll sell the set for $600. 

I have a 5 books set for ATI, nursing education. These books include: 

Fundamentals For Nursing
Edition 7.0

RN Pharmacology For Nursing
Edition 5.0

Nutrition For Nursing 
Edition 4.0

Nursing Leadership and Management
Edition 5.0

Quest For Academic Success 1-933107-01-4
These 5 have also never been opened and I will sell the set for $20

Calculate with Confidence
5th Edition
by Deborah Gray Morris
brand new, I never opened it. 

Publication Manual 
of the American Psychological Association
6th Edition
great condition

Soc 2010
by Jon Witt

Human Anatomy and Physiology
8th Edition
by Elaine M. Marieb & Katja N. Hoehn
this is one of the books that got slightly water damaged, the only thing that happened was that the pages got a little crinkled. You can read everything just fine and the book cover is just fine. The book also comes with a disk for access to CourseCompass 978-0-321-57563-0. 

A Brief Atlas of the Human Body
2nd Edition
(Comes with disk: Interactive Physiology, 10-System Suite 978-0-8053-6117-9) 
by Hutchinson, Mallatt, Marieb, and Wilhelm
great condition, looks brand new

PhysioEx 8.0
for Human Physiology 
by Stabler, Smith , Peterson, and Lokuta
Also comes with a disk so you can try some of the exercises on your computer. The book is still in its plastic wrapping. 

Get Ready for A&P
2nd Edition
by Lori K. Garrett
New, but wrapping was removed

A Survey of Mathematics With Applications
8th Edition
by Angel, Abbott, and Runde

The Enjoyment of Theatre
8th Edition
by Jim Patterson, Jim Hunger, Patti P. Gillespie, Kenneth M. Cameron 
Great condition!

Introduction to Philosophy
Classical and Contemporary Readings
4th Edition
by John Perry, Michael Bratman, John Martin Fisher. 
Great condition!!
Comes with:
and the 1868 Speach on Capital Punishment 
2nd Edition 
by John Stuart Mill
by Plato

Nurse's Pocket Guide
Edition 12
by Marilynn E. Doenges, Mary Frances Moorhouse, and Alice C. Murr

Tabler's 21 Cyclopedic Medical Dictionary 
With Disk
Brand New

Davis's Drug Guide for Nurses 
12th Edition
by Judith Hopfer Deglin, April Hazard Vallerand, and Cynthia A. Sanoski
This book was also water damaged, pretty badly actually. Everything is still legible but the pages are crinkled and the book has swelled . 

Sunday, March 25, 2012

This is Genevieve

So yes, we got a rat, but she's cute right??  We named her Genevieve, and we call her Jenny for short.  She loves pasta, crackers, and human.  Jack adores her too.  :) 

Friday, March 9, 2012


My new little girl is very shy.  We just adopted her today and she is adjusting so I want to wait a few days before I terrorize her with photos, and I want to have photos when I tell you what she is and what her name is.  I am just so excited about her and love her so much already I had to post something :)  She is so sweet and adorable :))  Pictures coming soon <3 

Thursday, March 1, 2012


I can't look at it anymore.
And pretend to be okay.
It still hurts just the same.
I just want to make you go away.
The past still haunts me.
Like a blood stain on the carpet.
I can't get you out of my head.
I wish we never met.
If I close my eyes,
and pretend you're not there.
Maybe the pain will stop.
There's not much more I can bear.
I just want to forget the past.
And forget you as well.
I'm sick of hurting all the time.
Though I'm sure you couldn't tell.

It Was You

I remember smoking those black cigarettes
and hanging out at the football games.
Life was so simple, so boring.
And so Plain.
I always knew there was something more out there.
Something for me to do.
But if you had asked me then, I never would have guessed. . .
It was you.
So take this journey with me.
My hero, my darling, my other half.
Let's make this a story worth telling.
As you walk me down this bumpy path.
Walk with me, I ask you please.
Until we can walk no more.
I can't wait to share my life with you.
I am forever yours.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Angry Birds

I recently bought a smartphone and have been introduced to a whole new world of apps and such.  I just have one thing to say :

I'm hooked.  Sorry for such a short post, but I gotta get back to playing Angry Birds.  L8r. 

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Dear CJ,

I love you with all of my heart!  It will probably take you weeks to see this, but when you do I know it will make you smile so I can wait :)  
You are the best thing that has ever happened to me, I am just sorry it took me so long to realize it.  We may be very different people, but I think we compliment each other just fine ;) 
I just want to put in writing, to always remind you, that: I care about you so much, I love our life and our home together, I look forward to our future, I envy and admire your work ethic, your patience, and your genuine sincerity.  
You may drive me absolutely crazy sometimes, but there is never a dull moment and every day brings something new to experience together :)  

Here's to the next 8 months. 
<3 :-*