Sunday, August 23, 2009

The Visit

Today I visited my boyfriend (chris) at college.  He goes to SunyIT in Utica which is about 45 minutes from me.  In order to get there I had to take I-90 then I-790 then Rt 49, and it was just a whole lot of confusing.  I drove there by myself for the first time and let me just say, I didn't like it one bit.  I ended up getting off the wrong exit and ending up in downtown Utica, which I've been before because I go through there to get to the mall, but it just wasn't fun getting lost.  I drove around for like 5 mins and then asked directions.  I ended up going past the street he told me to turn on so I had to turn around and it was just hell, but I managed to find my way there any how.  I enjoyed my time there with him.  We layed in his tiny college bed and talked and kissed alot :D, and talked to his roommates, I like all but one of them.  The one I don't like. . .I really don't like.  He's one of those guys that thinks he knows everything and that he's gods gift to humanity. . .ya.  I haven't gotten along with him since before I met him, but the rest seem very nice.  I haven't met one of them officially, but we'll see.  Tom seems kinda like the guy that really wants to fit in so he will go along with what any one tells him, but I only said like 5 words to him over like 20 minutes so I can't really judge.  The other guy that so far is my favorite is Darling, no thats his name, Darling.  He is little, and has an accent, a spanish accent.  He seems a bit shy, but very nice.  I liked him the best.  But like I said, it was only a brief meeting so I really can't judge just yet.  Chris and I drank cranapple juice and ate popcorn chicken and did what all young couples do :D, I had to hold back tears a lot of the time because it really hit me when I was there how much I miss him.  I also realized that it's never really going to be the same again.  Before he left we were together every day.  He was always in bed with me at night and there to tuck me in, he was there for dinner and he brought me breakfast often.  Those things are all going to change.  The only time he is really going to be here is on weekends on when he doesn't have school.  The rest of the time I'm going to be there and I'm rarely going to go to his house.  Its just all hitting me kind of hard right now, but I will be ok.  He is less than an hour away and I can still see him pretty much when ever I want.  I will miss the privacy and our alone time the most, I cherish that.  But we said our goodbyes and I ignored Paul (the roommate I can't stand) when he said his sarcastic goodbye.  Chris gave me his GPS to help me get home, but I still got lost.  The GPS helped me get back to where I had to be and I got home the rest of the way just fine.  And here I am now.