Thursday, November 17, 2011

Living With A Boy: Dinner for 7 update :)

Dinner went very well.  I made my marinaded chicken that I fry in a pan, pasta salad, garlic bread, and broccoli. My parents brought cheesecake and CJ's mom brought soda and a bottle of red wine.  Everything came out great, but my chicken didn't come out as good as it normally does.  That's just my luck though, I finally want to show it off and it doesn't come out as good.  It was still really good, but its usually better :) Then, after everyone left, we shared the bottle of wine that no one wanted and cleaned up <3

Living With A Boy: And a girl?

Mood: Great, but not feeling very well 
Weather: Not sure but it looks gloomy 

I just recently got back into contact with the girl I grew up with from the time I was 2.  Cyndi moved in next door to me when I lived in amsterdam and saw that I had a swing set at my house.  Well she just came right over and started playing on my swing set and I saw her out the window so I ran to tell my mommy.  My mom then took me outside to meet the strange girl on my swing set and we've been best friends ever since.  I couldn't remember her name after that so when I wanted her to come play I would just yell friend out my window. . .:P Well I don't know how much she wants me to post publicly but she recently got out of a bad situation and is now staying with CJ and me until she finds a job and gets her own place.  Its nice having a girl around for a change, especially one that I've known for so long.  Its nice catching up :) We don't have a spare bedroom for her so she is staying on our couch, luckily we have a lot of storage space in our apartment so finding room for her stuff really isn't a problem.