Tuesday, December 15, 2009

If I. . .

If I could stand upon a cloud,
and dance with the moon
would the stars watch in awe
and hum a simple tune?

If I could paint the sky with love
and the water with passion,
would we fly or would we swim
in a romantic sort of fashion?

If the world ended now
and I was left alone,
would the moon still dance with me
or would I be on my own?


A book
a poem
a line
a word!
thats all I need
I start with a smile
the moon and stars
a crying child
or a dying tree
thats all I need
but I do not have the words
there are no stars in my sky.
In this moment. . .
I feel. . .everything
but at the same time. . .nothing
how do you start with you have no words, no images
and every emotion in the world?
How do I start something that hs so long ago stopped?
I need a word, a smile, a sky, a tree.
I am just the crying child
perhaps. . .
there is no start for me.