Friday, April 23, 2010

My Blog

When I started writing my blog, it was just for fun.  It was just a place to put my writing.  It didn't really have a purpose, I just wanted to give it a shot.  Now. . .my blog is so much more than that, to me anyways.  My blog is my vent.  I vent my feelings, my thoughts, my rants on my blog.  Its a place to show off my writing and let other people critique it.  Its my piece of art.  Its a piece of me. . .my soul.  I am very passionate about my blog and thats why I post on here several times a week.  I put effort into these things.  Do I think that many people care about my life?? No, not at all.  Do I care who reads it?  No, not really.  I like that people read it, comment, and talk about my blog.  It makes me happy when people care. . .but I don't think I would stop doing it even if no one read it or commented or whatever.  I can say whatever I want in my blog. . .about whatever I want because its mine.  Its all mine.  Its completely personal.  I've written so much on here about my life and sometimes people don't even know about it.  I write in code a lot. . .in my poetry.  I'll write about things and no one really has any idea what its about, but they read it and like it. . .but I know.  Thats all that matters.  I love to write.  My blog is my canvas and my words are my paint and together, in my opinion, I make beautiful masterpieces.  I put my heart and soul into everything I write and sometimes I write about things that are painful, sad, happy, beautiful. . .and when I write it down. . .I make art and I feel better and I'm happy about it. 


Okay, this goes out to all the people that feel the need to leave rude comments or click "hate it" on something just to be a prick.  I'm sorry that you don't have a life.  I'm sorry you don't have friends, a job, school, or anything that keeps you busy and makes you happy.  You must be really bored and lonely if you can't think of anything better to do than to comment on my blog.  If you don't like me, or you don't like my blog. . .why waste your time reading it?  You must have a lot of free time, but you know what. . .go ahead.  Comment on my blog all you want.  Click "hate it" as much as you want.  If its keeping you off the streets and away from drugs go ahead.


LOL this is an inside joke between me, Cecilia, and Gabe.  hahahaha gotta love 11th period in the library ;)