Wednesday, July 20, 2011

All Part of Growing Up

So as I grow up I change my mind about who I see myself being in the future, who I want to be.  I suppose I am in the process of making that decision now.  Do I want to be the fun, hippie, that lives on the edge?  Or am I ready to grow up and settle down and be. . .a grown up?  I think I'm leaning towards the grown up part of that.  Its not an easy decision to make. . .it means a lot will have to change, but I'm starting to take steps.  For one I took my nose ring out, my lip is going soon and possibly my tongue as well.  I met a really great guy and things could be happening there :) When I went down to visit family in georgia this summer I thought a lot about growing up and how it happens. . .but one thing I can't seem to figure out. . .is when exactly we go from being the child to being the adult.  Like now I'm the one asking "hows school?" "do you like it?" "what do you want to be when you grow up?" when I remember not so long ago I was the one being asked that questiong by what I thought of as adults. . .it just feels strange for me.  I guess I'm ready?

The Adventures of Jocie: Skinny Dipping

Plenty of my friends and myself have gone skinny dipping at my house.  My pool is fenced in and so day or night we would go skinny dipping or lay out and catch some sun. . .well guys, I just so happened to be doing such a thing the other day while my boyfriend was at the bank (I thought I'd surprise him when he got back ;) just saying) and I happened to look up. . .that is when I realized that if you are on the upstairs of just about any house on my street you can see into my decked in pool area. . .Whoops.  :P So I feel like this mistake will be made again, but I just thought I would let you know and forewarn you.  Sorry guys. . .sorry neighbours? :P

I've Been Naughty. . .

Mood: Cautious
Weather: Cloudy, but warm (got sunburned earlier today :P)

So I really don't have a good excuse for why I haven't written in so long.  I could say I have been busy, which is true (the last two weeks I've spent without access to a computer in georgia, prior to that I spent most of  my time with my new boyfriend *blush*, friends, and family.  I've had some stuff going on lately that I've been dealing with and I've sort of been avoiding the computer.  I feel that a lot of unnecessary drama comes from the use of it. . .but a lot has happened and I am going to update you immediately!!!!!!!  But I do appologize for being so careless and not taking the time to update.  I also appologize to anyone that doesn't read this post before any of the updates. . .because this is already old news :P Anyways, enjoy :)