Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Here are some of that tattoos I'm thinking about getting.  Let me know what you think :D
Peace and Love is everything I stand for

The Blue Lotus is a natural aphrodisiac, so mine wouldn't be exactly like this and it would be blue.

With the lily I want to put my kids names in the petals.
This is the chinese symbol for strength

The Butterfly is a symbol of Hope

I do want to get a few tattoos but ever one I want to get has a deeper meaning.  There is no tattoo I would just get for the hell of it, they all mean something to me.  I have one tattoo already that means a lot to me and I do want to get a few more. 

What Do I Want To Write About Today?

Do I want to write about how you kiss me?
Do I want to write about holding hands?
Do I want to write about the sweet things you say to me?
Do I want to write about how much I hate being away from you?
I want to write about the things that don't have words to describe.
I want to write about the butterflies you give me every time I talk to you.
And how I smile every time I see your face.
I want to write about how you take my breath away with the slightest touch.
I want to write about how happy you make me.
The words don't exist, but I can try.
Have you ever been in the back seat of a car and gone down a big hill and got that funny feeling in your tummy? 
Have you ever smiled during a movie when the girl finally realizes how much she really cares about that guy next door that has been in love with her since elementary school?
Have ever had the wind knocked out of you and it took you a minute to catch it?
Now imagine the happiest moment of your life, and how you felt right then and there.
Combine all of these things. . .thats what I want to write about.  Thats how you make me feel.