Sunday, November 1, 2009

Another Nightmare

I had another nightmare last night, this one was very much different than all the other ones I've had.  I dreamed that Chris was following me, I was never out of his site and every chance he got he would rape me.  One time, when I tried to fight him and get away he beat me in the face with a shovel and knocked all my teeth out.  Other people knew what was going on, but they couldn't do anything.  The cops couldn't catch him for some reason so they more or less didn't try anymore.  He would sleep in my car, and follow me to work and school.  He threatened me everyday and I was so petrified.  This dream confuses me because I was never scared of Chris or felt threatened by him.  He isn't that type of person so I'm not sure where that dream came from.  All I know is I woke up crying again and it has been bothering me every day.  I'm so sick and tired of having nightmares all the time and being scared like this. . .its sucks. 

Paranormal Activity

Well I went on a double date with my boyfriend and his bestfriend and his girlfriend to see Paranormal Activity.  It was a pretty good movie, I've never screamed so loud in a movie theatre.  My boyfriend made it worse because he kept building up the suspense by saying things like "Oh, watch this" or "This is my favorite part" so he has some gashes in his arms and legs from me holding on and getting scared.  The only thing I didn't like about the movie was it made me dizzy at some points because of how they were holding/moving the camera.  I've heard mixed stories on if the movie is real or not, but I know things like this DO happen, which makes it all the more scary.  But I did like the movie, I think its funny that my boyfriend and his bestfriend who are both over 18 and are joining the army next month were all paranoid and scared, it makes me giggle.