Tuesday, September 27, 2011

What I Learned In Nursing School Is. . .

Its not as bad as it looks, I swear.  :P We are learning about inserting catheters and we thought it would be better if we had an actual person instead of a penis sitting on a pillow :P I love how hands on nursing is lol.

Living With A Boy: CJ Part II

Mood: Stressed to the max
Weather: Warm Fall day :) 

There are lots of things that my boyfriend does that bug me. . .lots.  But whenever he does something new that drives me crazy, I always explain calmly how it makes me feel and why he shouldn't do that.  Its after the first time that I bitch and nag about it like any other female :)  For example, the other day I asked CJ not to leave the dish cloth all wadded up on the sink after he is done using it because it will start to stink and it won't dry. . .He swore left and right that he doesn't do that and he always hangs it up.  Okay, fine. . .Well this morning, guess what I found?? 

Dish cloth all wadded up on the sink. . .AND!!!!. . .

A wadded up dish towel. . .

I have proof dammit lol!  <3 ya babe, regardless. x