Monday, August 31, 2009


Okay, so I have this friend.  We've known each other for quite a while actually but we lost contact and hadn't spoken for months.  Well he and I started talking again the day before Chris and I broke up and we've been talking ever since.  We were talking earlier today about my blog and he implied that he wanted me to write a little something on here about him so that is what I'm doing.  I'm not sure if he wants me to say his name or not so I wont I will just call him R because in an email he sent me he called me J lol.  Well R is a very nice guy.  He has really been there for me these last few days.  Every morning he would send me an email or a text just to make me smile and he has been there when I needed him.  I guess I had forgotten how great he was to me.  So thank you R for putting up with me and for being a great friend.  You made me feel like the most special and beautiful person on earth when someone else made me feel like dirt.  :D

This is What I Do When I Feel Good!!

I feel better, so I'm back to my vain self.  Enjoy :D


Well I don't believe anyone is reading my blog...I believe I am writing just to vent, which isn't really a bad thing but I would like to have or at least know if I do have readers lol especially because I AM THE ONLY ONE FOLLOWING MY BLOG.  So this is for you, if you are, in fact, reading my blog leave a comment.  I'm not totally sure how you go about doing it.  My mother said something about needing MY email. . .I'm not sure why that would matter but my email is
so do this for me. . .if you are reading this, and I hope someone is, leave a comment right here.  You don't have to say anything in particular, you can just say hello.  Thanks!