Thursday, January 27, 2011

College: FMCC Edition Part V

Today was not such a good day.  First, I had to look into sending my AP scores to college, specifically my english because there was a possibility I was in the wrong one.  My mom and I rushed to get those sent today and come to find out I was in the wrong english. . .thats usually not a big deal, but the professor for the english I was already in was my favorite and I absolutely loved him.  I looked to see if there were any English II classes that were open that he taught, but they were all full with a waiting list :(  So I had to switch to a class with a female professor from Sweden or Switzerland or something. . .I have like 6 assignments already due next week :(  Then I go and try to order my books, which I still haven't done, and I found out that my loans still hadn't gone through so I still can't order them when I have homework (specifically english) and I can't do it because I don't have the books.  So I go to financial aid and it gets worse. . .instead of getting the almost 900 dollars I thought I was getting from TAP, I'm actually only getting 200 so I'm going to have to use a pretty big chunk of my loan for tuition as well as books. . .which is going to hinder my chances of buying a car. . .needless to say today really sucked.