Saturday, January 9, 2010


Well christmas was both a good and bad holiday for me.  I'm not much of a christmas person to begin with, but its okay.  This christmas I got a Garmin GPS, a new cd/radio player thinger for my car, crocs with fur, and the entire first season of the Golden girls.  I got other stuff too but thats the major stuff :D Well later that afternoon I decided to go visit my friend Martin because he is in the Navy, stationed near by, and his family is in Michigan.  He had no one to spend christmas with and I dont like it when people spend holidays alone so I went and spent a little time with him and brought him some cookies I had made.  I was only gone for like 2 hours and my mom freaked out because I hadn't called home to find out what time dinner was going to be. . .yes i understand its christmas, but really?  we weren't doing anything special and to me. . .this was very important.  I'm supposed to be considerate of everyone all the time. . .how about someone be considerate of me once in a while when there is something this significant and important to me. . .she couldn't have asked me to be home at a certain time?  I don't know. . .caused a bunch of drama but I don't regret what I did.  I was trying to do something nice and be there for someone else.  Oh well.  So that night I spent with Tim and we had a nice night :D


Well it took us forever but we did officially name the kitten.  He shall hence forth be known as. . .JASPER!!! he is a sweet, but hyper little guy.  He has a lot of personality and I love him to death.  I guess while I was gone he was sleeping in my bed (achoo) lol.  I hold him like a baby a lot and rub his little tummy, sometimes he purrs, other times he scratches me.  I have scrapes all over my arms from mister jasper :-\ while tim and chris (not my ex that is an asshole) they fell in love with Jasper.  Tim and the kitten got along very well.  Jasper would follow tim around the house, it was very cute.  Chris took a picture of my kitten with his phone to take it with him lol.

So much!

Well I haven't had time to really write in quite a while and soo much has happened, I don't even know where to start. Well Tim came home December 18th and as soon as I was in his arms again I knew there was no way I could ever leave him. I told him how I had been feeling and thinking about leaving him and he told me some things I don't believe I'm at liberty to post on here, but he helped me to make my decision to stay with him and get through all of this because I love him soo much. He was. . .er is willing to make a lot of sacrifices for me because of how much he loves me so I am willing to wait for him and make these sacrifices for him because of how much he means to me. Most of you all ready know, but for those of you that don't. . .as of December 27th I am no longer Timmer's girlfriend, I am now his fiance :D

This isn't the best picture of the ring but you get the idea and I will upload more in the future.  We were in a rush to go somewhere, I don't remember where we were going anymore, but I know we were running late.  He is late for everything!  I was trying to push him out the door more or less, so he got down to tie his shoe (on one knee) and I was telling him to hurry up.  He then lifted the ring box and asked me to marry him, and I of course said yes.  We aren't sure on a date yet, but we're thinking October.  Its hard because we don't know when he's going to get leave and for how long.  I stayed at his house almost the entire time he was home, mainly because of some drama at my house, and I had an amazing time with him.  I loved every minute of it.  He makes me happy.  He is very good to me, and I always feel comfortable and safe with him.  So yes, we're getting married and I will, in fact, be changing my name again.  I promise to update you all on all wedding plans and what not as they get done.  So far we have decided that the wedding colors are going to be pale blue and pale green.  Since I am unable to wear a white dress (hehe) I am going to wear a pale blue dress with a green bouquet.  My bridesmaids are going to wear pale green dresses, the groomsmen are wearing black tuxes with pale green vests and ties, and yes. . .we are all wearing crocs ;) My amazing friend Gabby Tripsas has been helping me out everyday with the planning and I love her to death for it.  All my girlfriends have been helping out a lot so far, thanks guys ♥