Thursday, October 22, 2009

I hate

I hate being heartbroken, crying for no reason, being lonely, when people are mad at me, getting hurt, when people die, being sick, being cold, rap, people that just don't care, rude people, rapists, child molestors, murderers, people that hurt others intentionally, being told to be quiet, being yelled at, bad days, bad hair days, bad haircuts, bad pictures, busy signals, red lights, dumb jokes, dumb movies, when my car won't start, liars, haters, posers, cheaters, icy roads, funerals, death, pain, agony, sadness, spinach, hot food, getting burned, getting soap in my eyes, getting water up my nose, being told no, headaches, i hate most of the same things that everyone else hates.

I love

I love roses, carnations, the moon, stars, an open sky, hearing the rain on the roof, watching thunderstorms on the porch, kissing in the rain and getting soaked, laying on your chest and hearing your heartbeat, feeling your warmth when I lay next to you, warm hugs, passionate kisses, making people laugh, seeing children smile, big families, music, opera, classical, rock, metal, country, pop, hip hop, dancing, singing, reading, writing, painting, drawing, playing the violin, acting, being weird, being eccentric, learning new things, living, breathing, enjoying life, loving people, being loved, touching lives, experiencing new things, meeting new people, dancing in the moon light, laughing with friends, traveling, holding hands, first dates, hellos, being happy, cookies, eggplant, my dad's baking, my mom's cooking, things that shine, the color red, broccoli, summer, days off, halloween, puppies, kittens, taking pictures, blogging, making money, shopping, spending money, shoes, purses, jewlry, playing games, I love life, being me, and being happy. And of course, I love you Timothy Evan Manchester Jr. ♥♥♥ Don't ever forget that.

My Ideal Future

If everything went my way, I would be the happiest if this was my future:
I get accepted into Long Island C.W Post, I engaged to the man of my dreams while attending school and then get married over the summer one year. I pass all of classes and succeed very well and move in with the man that I love more than anything. We have a beautiful wedding where both of our friends and families attend and are so happy for us. They both support us both because they know how happy we are. I have my first child shortly after graduating from college and then get a job teaching at a near by school. My husband and I have as many children as we can easily support and they all go to college and do very well. My husband and I are comfortably wealthy and have a large home in a nice neighborhood which is good for raising kids. We grow old together and live long enough to see our grandchildren get married. That is my ideal life.