Saturday, August 21, 2010

Going to College Tomorrow. . .Memories

So tomorrow morning I leave for college and it wasn't until today that it REALLY hit me.  I was driving in the car with two of my best friends, Kelsey and Gabby, when I realized that was going to be the last time we are all together to do that for a while. . .some of my friends from high school I may never see again, others I hope never to see again lol.  I thought about all the fun times we've had.  Like last night, will remain in my memory forever.  Kelsey and I drove to Gabby's work to surprise her.  I plan was to show up and hide in the back seat of her car and scare her when she gets in, well it was very light because she was parked by the building and she had nothing in her car for us to hide under so instead I moved her car (she had her doors unlocked and her keys in the ignition) to the other side of the parking lot where it was dark and she couldn't see it, then kelsey and I got back in my car to wait.  It took Gabby a little while to finally realize that her car was missing, but when she did she started to freak out.  Kelsey and I were laughing hysterically and Gabby heard us but she couldn't figure out who we were, then she finally said "Jocelyn?" and came over to the car.  She was still kinda freaking out and asking where we put her car.  It was too funny.  It was the best time I've had in a long time and we made Gabby's night.  I loved it, but at the same time I'm sad because I won't be able to do these types of things with them for a while.  Sure, I'm going to make new memories with new friends but its still sad because although the book isn't ending, one more chapter is, and a whole new one is starting tomorrow morning.  Am I scared?  yeah.  Am I anxious? yeah.  Am I excited?  yeah.  Am I sad?  yeah. . .i'm full of emotions right now.  Its weird to think that I am no longer in high school. . .that I'm MOVING OUT of my house. . .that I'm going to college. . .I graduated from a high school with 82 students in my graduating class.  I knew everyone.  Now I'm going to a school with thousands of students, and as of right now. . .I know a hand full.  I've never been good a goodbyes, or letting go of things, but right now I have to say goodbye to everyone and everything that has made up my life for the last 18 years and let go of it to take on a whole new. . .everything.  I drove by my high school today. . .so many memories.  I drove by that place where ashley, laura, and I went when we ditched school to get squished.  I drove by wintergreen park.  Then on my way home. . .I got pulled over because my dad's tail light is out (didn't get a ticket though) lol.  The point is that there are a lot of memories here and I just feel sad because I'm leaving the people that I've made them with.  Imma miss you guys.  Love you.  Suny Oneonta Class of 2014!

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