Thursday, August 19, 2010

My Georgia Stories

So there was so much that I left out in my post with all the pictures from Georgia so imma tell you know :)
First of all, my flight down to Georgia was awful. . .my first flight from Albany to Atlanta was soo bumpy, it scared the shit out of me.  Not to mention plane rides now make me super nauseous!  Once I got to Atlanta I had 20 minutes to get from gate A11 to D30something.  Have you ever been to the Atlanta airport?  Yeah. . .not only is it like the biggest airport in the US, its also packed beyond all good reason.  But I did in fact make it there by running. . .made it in 10 minutes!! I'm amazing.  But my flight from Atlanta to Columbus Georgia. . .omg.  I sat next to this super old lady, and she felt the need to complain about everything!! The flight was only 40 minutes but I wanted to slap her.  She bitched about the small plane, about my carry on, about the guy behind her moving, about not being able to hear the pilot when he over the intercom. . .ugh.  Then I finally made it Columbus where I had my grandma, papa, aunt, and cousins waiting. . .my dad (the biological one) drove up when we got in the parking lot.  I'm 18 years old and I've been flying to Georgia by myself since I was 5. . .my dad has NEVER come to the airport.  Not only that, but he gave me a present and went to dinner with us. . .It started out really well, we went shopping a lot and my aunt Barbara paid for me to get my hair straightened without chemicals, its some brazillian thing.  That was awesome.  It took like 3 hours, but I got my hair done by a tranny named Candice, I love her lol.  Then we went to Florida.  When we got there, as I said before, it was storming so we stayed in the hotel room for a while.  Then we got dinner and went to the pool.  I don't know if you know this, but people from the south are very racist, not only against african americans but towards EVERYONE!!! I was really getting sick of hearing it to be honest. . .We weren't able to go in the ocean because there was a crap ton of seaweed up on and near the shore. . .i walked along the beach and finally found a clearish spot. . .but when I got in I saw a jellyfish so I got out.  I also saw a dolphin, that was pretty cool.  I spent a lot of time with family and. . .it had its ups and downs.  On my first flight home however, I sat next to a man who began snoring seconds after the tires lifted off the ground and he didn't stop until we landed.  Then I had 2 hours to wait at the Atlanta airport until I had to get on my second plane.  On my second flight, I sat next to an asian girl that I didn't speak to at all. . .I think she was from Thailand though, but when I got off the plane there was a guy holding a sign saying "Oneonta International Students" so I think that girl is a foreign exchanged student that is going to be studying at my college. . .thats pretty cool.  So there ya go, a few more stories that I neglected to tell in my previous post.

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