Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Okay sooo. . .I've been seeing this guy for about 2 and a half weeks now and we made our relationship official a little over a week ago :)  Its been about 2 months since Tim and I split up and since then I have been doing a lot of dating.  I've gone out with a few different type of guys and had no intentions of really making it official with any of them.  They weren't quite what I was looking for.  I really didn't think I was going to get into another relationship until college because I'm going away and that usually causes a lot of drama that I would rather not be a part of.  Well all of that changed when I met Ryan.  I felt an instant connection to him, it was amazing.  We talked for hours on our first date and we discovered we have the same birthday (except he is 4 years older than me) and we are both planning to go to Oneonta in the fall :)  I think he felt the same connection and how easily we get along and communicate.  It was great.  Then, because we both still live at home, we had the lovely experience of meeting each others parents while still getting to know each other.  My parents, especially my mom, like him a lot.  My mom said that she liked him almost instantly (I can relate).  I really like his dad as well, he's a really cool, laid back kind of guy and from what Ryan tells me, he likes me too.  We had some complications when deciding whether or not to be together.  I was all for it, but he was a little more apprehensive.  He had never really been in a relationship before and I think he was scared and if the relationship fell through he didn't want to lose me completely because of something like that.  I understood and told him I would be happy with what I did have with him.  Well within a few days we talked about it and decided we wanted to be together and we were already a couple so there was no point in not having the title.  Thus far, I think we're both pretty happy with our decision.  I love it because I get to see him nearly every day because he only lives about 25 minutes away.  I can talk to him, and I don't worry that he is going to get mad or upset with me because of my thoughts or feelings.  We have a lot of long, interesting conversations that don't always make sense, but we love the time we share together.  We have fun and as far as I know we're both really happy :)  I'll post pictures soon once I have more of us.  Its nice to find a guy that treats me right, is mature, and has so much in common with me, but we also have a lot of differences to keep it interesting.  I love talking to him. . .I love his mind.  :)

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