Wednesday, January 27, 2010


If I wish upon a star will you come home?  How about if I pray to god every night before I go to sleep?  If I blow out all my candles on my cake?  Or if I toss a penny into a fountain?  I need my Knight in Shining Armor.  I need him to kiss away my tears, and make all the monsters under my bed go away.  I need my Knight because when he is beside me when I sleep. . .I don't have nightmares.  He slays the dragons and kisses me in my tower.  But how would have thought that the amazing Knight would have to leave after saving the princess. . .who would have thought that the Knight had to fight more dragons and continue to save the world?  Did you read the fine print beneath the words "Happily Ever After?"  The knight. . .will always be a Knight.  He wears his armor into battle and it shines bright in the sun as well as the moon.  And the Princess. . .she will continue to wait, and wish, and pray until the Knight no longer has to wear his armor. . .and he can come home.

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