Monday, January 25, 2010


So I went to the casino the other night.  I went to TurningStone with my parents.  I've never been to a casino. . .honestly I don't even think I've seen one before.  But we went.  I put $75 on the little cards that they give you.  On the second slot machine I went to I more than doubled my money, so I was going to go and take $100 off my card and play with the rest.  Well. . .there were a lot of slot machines between that machine and the place you go to get the money off and they had buttons and lights and pretty colors. . .lol so needless to say I didnt take $100 off.  I was doing really well though.  I managed to stay above $100 almost all night and we played for hours.  After we went to dinner though, it was just all down hill.  I lost it all by the end of the night.  I had planned on it anyways, but it was fun.  I forget how much my mom lost, I think she lost like $100 or $120.  Dad was the only one that won anything.  But we had a good time. 

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