Thursday, January 28, 2010

Wedding Plans Part I

Well. . .being the female that I am I changed my mind.  No, I didn't change my mind about marrying Tim so stop thinking that right now.  I changed my mind about the colors I want.  Well sort of.  I kind of just decided that I dont want to have pale blue and pale green as my colors anymore.  I know that I want just one color and white.  I want to simplify things a bit.  I spoke to Tim a while ago on the phone and he wants me to wear a white dress. . .a white dress.  Well I think everyone knows that you're only supposed to wear a white dress if you're a virgin. . .I am NOT a virgin.  I tried to explain this to him but he wouldn't listen.  He said I could wear a white dress with some sort of colored accent or something. . .I don't know how the rules apply to that, but I will do what I can.  I tried to tell him that I can wear an off white dress, but for whatever reason he REALLY wants me to wear a white dress.  We'll see.  I was talking to my darling Gabby today about changing the colors.  We were discussing having midnight blue and white.  What do you think?  Any input?