Saturday, January 9, 2010


Well christmas was both a good and bad holiday for me.  I'm not much of a christmas person to begin with, but its okay.  This christmas I got a Garmin GPS, a new cd/radio player thinger for my car, crocs with fur, and the entire first season of the Golden girls.  I got other stuff too but thats the major stuff :D Well later that afternoon I decided to go visit my friend Martin because he is in the Navy, stationed near by, and his family is in Michigan.  He had no one to spend christmas with and I dont like it when people spend holidays alone so I went and spent a little time with him and brought him some cookies I had made.  I was only gone for like 2 hours and my mom freaked out because I hadn't called home to find out what time dinner was going to be. . .yes i understand its christmas, but really?  we weren't doing anything special and to me. . .this was very important.  I'm supposed to be considerate of everyone all the time. . .how about someone be considerate of me once in a while when there is something this significant and important to me. . .she couldn't have asked me to be home at a certain time?  I don't know. . .caused a bunch of drama but I don't regret what I did.  I was trying to do something nice and be there for someone else.  Oh well.  So that night I spent with Tim and we had a nice night :D

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