Saturday, January 9, 2010


Well it took us forever but we did officially name the kitten.  He shall hence forth be known as. . .JASPER!!! he is a sweet, but hyper little guy.  He has a lot of personality and I love him to death.  I guess while I was gone he was sleeping in my bed (achoo) lol.  I hold him like a baby a lot and rub his little tummy, sometimes he purrs, other times he scratches me.  I have scrapes all over my arms from mister jasper :-\ while tim and chris (not my ex that is an asshole) they fell in love with Jasper.  Tim and the kitten got along very well.  Jasper would follow tim around the house, it was very cute.  Chris took a picture of my kitten with his phone to take it with him lol.

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