Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Friends :D

I dedicate this blog to my friends. I love you guys, every one of you so much and you have all been there for me when I have needed you the most. You were there when Jessie died, and when I've gotten my heart broken. You were there when I just wanted to vent and rant. You were there through all of my rediculous stories and adventures. Most of all, you've put up with me :D. So this is to you guys.
I love my friends very much. Friends are what make life worth living. They make the bad times good and the good times better. I've made some poor choices in friendship in the past, but I am very happy with the friends I have now. I love the times we have spent together, the memories, the laughs, the tears, everything. I love the stories, the silly break ups, our mistakes, and everything we have shared these last few years. So to Cassie, Gabby, Laura, Ashley, Laura, Matt, Chris, Russ, Garrett, Kelly, Brianna, Joanna, Kris, Jon, John, Nick, Marco, Sarah, Creighton, Melissa, Breezy, Donjeta, Mary, Lexi, Jessica, CC, Ciera, Chelsea, Tina, Courtney, Justin (tiny), Albanna, Adam, David, Mark, Rocky, CJ, Josh, Aaron, Andrew, Ari, Brandon, Cyndi, James, Joe, Alex, Larry, Lance and everyone else that I can't seem to think up right now cuz I'm sick and not totally there, this is to you. I love you guys. ♥♥♥

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Cassie said...

i just want you to know that this is so sweet...i love you sooo much! you're such an amazing friend :)sooo sweet :) feel better hun!