Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Well this years fall show is called "Rumors" and let me just say it is HILIARIOUS!!!! We had a read through yesterday and it was just amazing. Its nice to have a small cast for this one. All the characters are paired off and we each of such diverse and strong characters. The play is about this guy Charlie who is throwing an anniversary party with his wife. Charlie and his wife Myra are both very wealthy and well known people in the community. Their guests at the party are also very wealthy and are all very stereotypical rich people. Well when the first couple arrives at the party Myra and the help are missing and Charlie is hopped up on Valium and find him bleeding because he was shot in the ear. They suspect that he tried to kill himself so they try to keep in on the DL so they don't ruin his reputation with an attempted suicide. So as more guests arrive they tell lies to protect Charlie, but everyone suspects something is going on so rumors begin to get spread, hence the title. Welle eventually all the guests find out that Myra is missing and the help are gone. They also find out that Charlie may have tried to kill himself. Its a really funny play and all of you that are able to come see it, I believe its like the 2nd or 3rd week in November, but I'll update you when I know more. But it is soo funny and we have a great cast. So thumbs up to Ms. Ells for selecting an awesome show!!

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