Thursday, December 15, 2011

Living With A Boy: Christmas Present

Its quite hard for CJ and I to keep things hidden from each other now that we live together, especially christmas presents.  CJ already knows about most of his, and I went with him to pick out mine.  First he got be this beautiful promise ring from Kay.  It's white gold with a blue topaz stone with two blue sapphire stones on either sides and diamonds above.  Its beautiful and I actually chose that one over a more expensive diamond and sapphire ring simply because I loved this one more.  Its kind of like a pre-engagement ring. . .or like a "when I can actually afford to even think about a wedding I'll get you a real engagement ring" ring :P but while we were there we found out that CJ has excellent credit, also good news :) So for my second present, I GOT A TURTLE!!!! She is adorable and I named her Gertrude.  At first I didn't think you could easily tell the gender of a turtle so I was going to name her Crush, after the turtle in finding nemo.  But then I looked it up online and found out she is a girl so I named her Gertrude. . .I'm sure a middle name is in her near future, you know me ;)  But she is a baby, red eared slider.  She is smaller than my hand right now but she will grow to be as big as a plate and we got her a 40 gallon tank for when she does :P But I think she is too cute and so fun to watch.  I have the best boyfriend ever.  I love you CJ.

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Anonymous said...

does that turtle have reptilian down syndrome? He looks a tad bit slow.