Wednesday, December 21, 2011

365 Days

So I guess the Mayan calendar says that we have exactly 365 days until the end of the world. . .apparently a lot of people believe this.  Do I?  Who knows.  I'm still trying to figure out if I actually exist so I'm not sure I'm a reliable reference on beliefs.  I think the weather has been crazy, though its not like this hasn't happened before.  The economy is shit, also. . .happened before.  And every other day some priest is shouting to the heavens that its the end of the world, but the sun still rises and sets the next day.  But some how these ancient people can somehow predict the future, and the end of the world.  365 days. . .How fast did the last 365 days go?  How much happened?  How much changed?  What have you done in the last 365 days that you are proud of?  That you regret?  The world could end in 365 days, it could end tomorrow. . .it could end in a million years.  But if the world was to end, there are things I would like to have done, things I would want to have said. . .and so I think I'm going to try to live this next year like its my last.  Who knows. . .maybe it will be.  If not. . .I have lost nothing  :) Here's to one amazing year, whether it be the end, or just the beginning.  12/21/12. . .here I come :)


Anonymous said...

Its a leap year so 366... oh wait mayans didnt factor that in. Ohhh noooos

YourLittleSpoon said...

lol actually they went by a different calendar completely :P regardless, you're a pain in the butt ;)

Anonymous said...

Exactly... we are on a gregorian calender... so our dates wouldn't match up. Which was my point.

Thank you.


YourLittleSpoon said...

lol, I get that, but you're completely missing the point i'm trying to make here :P