Friday, September 2, 2011

The Mees

Mood: Eh ya know, the usual ;) 
Weather: You know. . .I have no idea, haven't even looked yet.

So for the last month I have been pretty much living the life as a housewife :) CJ Works and I stay home and cook, clean, take care of jack, budget finances, fill out all of his job applications, Walk behind him nagging while he walks behind me making messes!!, and you know. . .other couple stuff ;).  I honestly love living with him and having it this way (yes I go back to college next week and I've been looking for a job as well), because its great practice lol.  I have posted several posts about how I totally dream of being that OCD, overly clean, on top of everything, mom and wife of the year, 50's housewife kind of woman :))) but I'm going to college to be a nurse because I feel like the housewife thing is probably never going to happen and I am soo not working in a fast food joint!  I'm not at that point quite yet because I'm still 19. . .but like I said its good practice.  Like the other night I was making dinner for CJ before he got home from work and I decided to make Chicken, potatoes, and a veggie.  I had never cooked Chicken before other than the kind that comes in those freezer bags lol. . .I was a vegetarian for a long time, don't judge me.  So I marinaded it in zesty italian dressing, salt, pepper, and thyme (got the thyme idea from my grandma judy). . .I let it marinade for a couple hours and then I through it in the frying pan with all the marinade and covered it. . .It came out sooooo good!!!!!!!!!!!!!  And I made garlic mashed potatoes (I"m not going to lie, I completely know how to make mashed potatoes and I'm good at it, but we're poor so I got the fake box kind that you mix with water, butter and milk :P. . .I don't call it cheating. . .its utilizing my resources) and corn. . .We had eaten the last can of peas the night before otherwise I would have used a green veggie to mix up the colors a bit more :P But I was so proud of myself because it was awesome!!!! I'm definitely going to make it again soon :) (I just realized, because of my spell checker, that I have been spelling definitely wrong. . .like all along. . .I feel like an ass) But any who if you try making this chicken (I used boneless chicken breast) let me know what you think.  As for me now, I'm still living out my Hippie years for a bit more. . .then I guess I'll be like my mom and grow up :)

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