Wednesday, August 31, 2011


So I know I promised pictures of Louisiana, and I have them! However, I was stupid when I was saving the album to my computer and such. . .and I kind of deleted the album from my computer.  I do still have all the pictures uploaded onto facebook, but I'm not going to lie. . .there are quite a few pictures there and I really really really don't want to copy and paste them all onto here, so if you are very upset about this and really really want me to post them I will. . .otherwise, please refer to my facebook where I have an album dedicated to my trip to New Orleans.  Hopefully, this is the link lol

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Anonymous said...

The pics may still be recoverable :}

There's a tool called Photorec for doing that.

I followed you here from Z :}

you can delete this if you don't want a link between you and Z.. I'm Capybyra there.