Wednesday, January 26, 2011

College: FMCC Edition Part III

Today I had my other 3 classes.  First I had Bar and Beverage Management.  The professor for this class is the only female professor that I have, but I really like her.  She is very bubbly and she seems very happy in her profession.  I'm excited for the class not only because its essentially bartending class, but because she seems like a very fun professor as well.  The next class I had was General Psychology and oh my goodness let me tell you about this professor.  First of all he was about 5 minutes late for the class.  He walks in and he is this short, slightly balding, hardcore hippie wearing a leather Harley Davidson like jacket, a beard, black jeans and circle shaped glasses.  He throws down his jacket and underneath he is wearing a black button up with the top few buttons undone exposing his chest hair.  Without saying much of anything he starts playing this youtube video:

His name is Marty Friedman. . .I don't know about you but when an older gentleman's name is Marty I immediately assume he is a hippie.  He seems pretty cool, but his voice is very monotone and I can see myself falling asleep in his class.  Then for my final class of the day, I had Anatomy and Physiology.  Its a 3 hour night class, luckily I have a very attractive professor who, as soon as I walked in the room said to me, "so what's your name pretty lady."  He looks and reminds me very much of Mr. Schoff <3 He is very interesting and kept my attention for the full 3 hour class.  Best part: The seats recline!! lol  Well, its been another good day at college :)

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