Wednesday, January 26, 2011

College: FMCC Edition Part II

So my second class that I took yesterday; English, was absolutely amazing.  When the professor was doing attendance he asked me if I was related to all of the Oesers in sprakers and Canajoharie, I said that I was and I asked him if he knew my dad.  Apparently he had worked with my dad an my uncle and he pretty much knew my whole family.  I absolutely love this professor, not because he knows my family but because you can really tell he loves what he is doing.  He is such a real person, and not the typical, arrogant professor.  He was very funny, easy going, and down to earth.  After class I went to one of the little loungy things to wait for my mom to pick me up, he came by and talked to me some more and I found out that I knew his son and he told me a few more stories about my grandfather and my dad, apparently my grandfather was his bus driver :P So I have to say all in all, yesterday was a very good day.  :)

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