Thursday, September 9, 2010


Apparently this is me.  A toy. . .a doll.  That must be how people see me.  A doll doesn't move, doesn't feel, doesn't cry. . .doesn't live.  A doll can be played with, cherished for a few moments and then tossed away once the owner gets bored.  People must think I am a doll. . .they play with my head and my emotions and think its okay.  Do they think I won't care?  Do they think I won't feel anything?  They must think I won't be upset if I get thrown away once they've used me up.  They must think I'm only here for their enjoyment and to assist their needs.  If thats all I'm worth then why the fuck am I here?  I'm not just going to sit there and smile while I'm toyed with and then thrown away.  I won't let it happen. 

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