Tuesday, September 14, 2010


So I just got back from my philosophy class.  Today we had to write a "brief description of the worlds of being and becoming."  I thought my response was interesting because during the entire class I was trying so hard to wrap my head around these concepts and I just wasn't getting them.  Then, with 15 minutes left in the class, my professor gives us this assignment to do before we leave.  At first I was nervous because I couldn't grasp these ideas and now I had to describe them.  So I started writing. . .and it was weird because as I started writing I started to understand it and I was able to write a decent, coherent response.  I feel like the more I wrote about it. . .the more I understood it, but that baffles me because I didn't know what I was doing when I started.  I wrote that we live and exist with everything around is in the world of becoming because if knowledge is perception and our peception is always changing as we change then we, and everything around is, is always changing and always becoming.  I went on to say the world of being is somewhat unattainable any where outside of our minds because we perceive things as being what they are, but in reality they are always becoming.  My paper was a little better scripted than my description here, but if you have any knowledge of philosophy this probably (hopefully) makes sense lol.  But yeah. . .just thought I would share that weird experience with y'all.  Have a good one.

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