Monday, September 13, 2010


Somebody told me today that they have cancer.  I sat there for a second. . .not knowing what to say.  What do you say to someone that tells you they have cancer?  He told me that he has stage 2A lung cancer.  The next thing he said was "oh well."  That shocked me and I found my words.  I asked him if he realized that his life affected everyone around him.  Thats when he told me he didn't have any friends or family.  He said the only people around him were those that used him and he let them because thats all he had.  I could relate to that sentence.  His attitude was apathedic. . .he didn't care that he had cancer, he didn't care that death was a posibility. . .he didn't care because he had nothing to live for.  What do you say to someone that has cancer and nothing to live for?  I hate being in these situations where people need help and there is NOTHING I can do.  I am trying my damnest to save the world. . .but sometimes I feel so helpless.  I want to take his cancer away and make him all better, I want to make him smile and feel loved, I want to make everyones life. . .everything they've dreamed of. . .but I can't.  If I could take away everyones pain, suffering, disease. . .everything I would.  I would give my life for another person even if I had no idea who they were, but in situations like this. . .all I can do is sit here and talk to him.  I can visit him and give him a hug.  Thats it.  I can't take it away.  I can't make it better.  I can't give him something to live for, or anything.  I can't do anything. 

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