Monday, September 27, 2010

Do you remember. . .?

Do you remember the day we met?
I remember what what you wore.
I remember how sick I was, and you thought I wasn't interested.
Do you remember the first time we made love?
I will never forget it.
Do you remember the first time I told you I loved you?
I do, even though I've said it at least a million times since then.
Do you remember our song?
If you don't, you can find it on my blog :P
Do you remember that time in the car, with your bestfriend in the back seat?
How about the picture the 3 of us took together?
Do you remember when you went with me to the cemetary?
I really appreciated that.
Do you remember your going away party?
Do you remember how I tried so hard not to cry the day that you left. . .but failed horribly?
Do you remember all the letters I wrote?
Do you remember what I got you for christmas?
Do you remember what I got your parents for christmas?
Do you remember going to the movies with me? 
Do you remember what we saw? 
We went to 3 of them.
Do you remember where you bought my ring?
Do you remember what it looked like?
How many diamonds did it have?
Do you remember new years eve?
Do you remember when we brought you back to the airport?
I hated that day soo much.
Do you remember when I went to see you graduate?
Do you remember the bathroom?
I remembered feeling choking back tears the whole way home.
I missed you soo much.
Do you remember that night in May?
It was warm that night.
I remember how you used to kiss me. . .how I used to feel when you would kiss me.
I remember how happy I was when I would get a letter from you.
I remember how you rubbing your head made you fall asleep.
I remember the moment I decided I want to spend the rest of my life with you.
I remember agreeing to marry you.
I remember the pain I felt every time I had to say goodbye again.
I remember the day we called it quits.
The only thing I don't remember. . .is when I fell out of love with you.

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