Monday, September 20, 2010

College. . .again

All my life I have been planning to go to college.  My life has been built around my education and me persuing my career. . .now that I'm here. . .everything feels sooo wrong.  What if I made the wrong decisions that lead me down the wrong path?  What if where I am now. . .just seriously isn't where I'm meant to be?  What if everything I'm doing is wrong?  I never thought I would ask those questions, not about college. . .but now that I'm here I can't help it.  What if college just isn't for me?  I ask that question and then immediately this little voice pops in my head and tells me that if college isn't just for me then what is? because in this country college is the only way of making anything of yourself.  You can't get a decent job without a college degree unless you are good with computers (which I'm not) or join the military.  What am I doing. . .or a better question, what am I supposed to be doing? 

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