Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Squirrel

So I was sitting outside today drinking a smoothie and waiting for my first class to start.  I was sitting on a stone bench in a very scenic area surrounded by trees and such.  As I was sitting there a pair of squirrels ran past me.  One kept going while the other stopped.  I'm almost positive that this particular squirrel was a female.  She stopped and stared at me for a while. . .crouched. . .looking as if she wanted to attack me.  Then she partially climbed a nearby tree which was even closer to where I was sitting.  While she was holding on to the side of the tree. . .she peed on it while staring at me. . .have you ever seen a squirrel pee before? I haven't.  I think she must have had babies in the tree or something because she continued to stare at me and though she moved throughout the tree she always kept me in sight and she always had this look on her face that was as if she was daring me to come closer.  I found this exchange between myself and the squirrel humorous so I thought I would share about it with you.  Then as I sat there, I heard something that sounded like a young girl whispering. . .it was actually a crow. . .crowing? lol yeah. . .I know I'm trippin` but I thought I would share this interesting experience with you today on my first day of college classes :P

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