Sunday, April 4, 2010

Unnamed Emotion

It's an unnamed emotion brewing in my chest.
My heart feels like its moving in styrofoam.
My lungs feel like cling wrap.
My stomach just went on a rollercoaster.
And my head. . .oh my head. . .Its like a never ending nightmare.
My shoulders and chest are heavy.
And my eyes are always damp.
Is the world spinning around me?  It feels that way.
My skin feels creepy crawly, do you know what I mean?
And when I exhale, It feels like I've been holding my breath for an eternity.
Have you felt this emotion?  This unnamed emotion?
Where you always feel like crying, but you're too ashaimed to cry?
You can't get enough air to really breath.
Every movement feels wrong, and uncomfortable?
How long does it last? 
When will it all ware off?
Will it be like this forever? 
I just want to breath.

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